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A Call to Testify!
JULY 1, 2013

Women who were injured by their abortions, and who were misled and deceived by the abortion industry, will hold a press conference at the Texas Capitol in the Lt. Governor’s Press Room on Monday, July 1, at 11:30 a.m. with Senator Donna Campbell.  Senator Campbell is an emergency room physician who has seen the bloody work of Texas’ botched legal abortions. 
The women will be present to support abortion consumer protection legislation during this special session such as S.B. 5 which was killed by the abortion mob in the last session.  Senator Wendy Davis and the abortion industry do not speak for them.  Allowing the abortion industry to represent them is like allowing the rapist to represent his victim at his trial.
These are women who were not protected by the abortion industry, but were instead deceived, lied to and injured physically, emotionally or spiritually. 
They support the Governor and Democrats and Republicans in the Legislature who are willing to protect women’s health.
Molly White says:  "I am one woman who has been hurt and injured by the ‘legal, unregulated’ abortion industry in Texas but I am speaking for tens of thousands of Texan women like me. Laws are designed to protect people from exploitation and abuse. When businesses don’t have to comply with the same laws as other businesses then they quickly become seedy, back alley businesses. We were promised safe abortion once it was legalized and what we got is the same seedy, back alley, shoddy abortion clinics. So, Senator Davis, come and explain why you would continue to allow pregnant women seeking an abortion to be subjected to substandard medical treatment at substandard abortion clinics?" 
Myra Myers says:  “Thank you, Governor.  As a woman who had an abortion, it has physically and emotionally affected my health for 40 years.  I want regulations that will provide protection for the health and life of women, men and children." 
Rhonda Arias says:  “Senator Davis does not speak for me. As a woman who narrowly escaped a suicide attempt after an easily obtained late-term abortion, I know I would have benefitted from stronger regulations. I want to know who we are trying to protect, the abortion industry or women?  I have counseled thousands of women, many of whom deeply regretted their late-term abortions. We cannot go back; we can provide greater safeguards for Texas women.”
For example:
  1. Women can die during abortions if the protections of an ambulatory surgical center are not available;
  2. Abortionists should not be allowed to shift their botched abortions over to the emergency room to be the responsibility of the State and other physicians.  No responsible physician should be hesitant to acquire hospital admitting privileges to take care of the injuries he causes to his own patients during abortions. 

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San Antonio, TX 78229

Media Contact:
Queta Aguilar
San Antonio, Texas